Cruisin’, Clubs & Drag Strips: Exhibition coming July 2018

Teens cruising in their beloved cars emerged as a fixture of Southern California culture from the 1930s through the 1960s, when the phenomenon reached the height of its popularity. Celebrated in film and song, cruising in customize rides and hot rods served up a youthful counterpoint to the era of the family Sunday drive. Fueled by high school youth, a growing number of active local car clubs, drive-in restaurants, theaters, hang outs, and the lure of the iconic Lion’s Drag Strip, Long Beach became a focal point amidst this cultural movement. Long Beach clubs like the Vulcans, Sultans, Merroders, Long Beach Cavaliers and Long Beach Renegades, Cut Outs, Rollin’ Stones, Road Kings, Carbonides and Furys, the MG Club, Studebaker Club, Jesters, Torks, and many others fanned the cultural flames at high school parking lots, drive-ins and drag strips, and ruled the streets of their Long Beach neighborhoods and commercial corridors.

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Sharing Day Event, 02/03/2018

Rick and Felipé of the Cavaliers Car Club share their club memorabilia and stories with two HSLB volunteers.
Andy and Ken from the Sultans Car Club share their treasures with an HSLB board member and a volunteer.
Tony of the Mercifuls shares his neon V8 sign with HSLB Executive Director Julie Bartolotto.
Hayden Long of the Cavaliers shares photos of club members.

On February 3rd, 2018 we hosted a “Sharing Day” at the HSLB Gallery in Bixby Knolls. We invited the public to share any car culture and drive-in memorabilia with us. The gallery was busy with donors the entire day, and we gathered some great items and stories for the exhibition. The HSLB is still looking for 1940s – 1970s items, from Long Beach and environs, for possible inclusion in the exhibition. There is still time to donate items, lend items, or let us digitize your collection while you wait!

Make an appointment to bring in your items by calling us at 562/424-2220 or send an email to