Outstanding Photo Collection

The HSLB collection includes over 30,000 images—photographs, slides, glass plates, silver nitrates, and safety negatives. Visit us during our public hours to view the entire collection or click here for the Online Catalogue.

Prominent photographers represented in the collection include Charles Daugherty, Lawrence Inman, Hubert McClain, the Winstead Brothers, and A. C. Brown.

The HSLB has photos of some of the City’s outstanding historic features and topics such as the Pike, Naples and Belmont Shore, Spruce Goose, Rainbow Pier, Aviation, the 1932 Olympics, and the Queen Mary. The earliest images reflect the City’s history as a beach resort including photos of people wearing old-fashioned, full body suits splashing in the surf.

Almost all of the photos in the collection are available for reproduction in various sizes. For rates, licensing, and specific pricing information, please call us at 562.424.2220. Click here for the Online Catalogue.