Custom Photo Order

The Historical Society of Long Beach has roughly 30,000 photos archived and available for purchase. We have 30+ years of experience selling photos, our most sought after images are available HERE. If you are looking for something more specific, you can schedule a research appointment with one of our knowledgeable team members HERE. Once you find what you are looking for [or perhaps you already know] you can custom order the images using the link below.


Printed images are available for pickup in our gallery at no charge, or delivery with a fee.

Conditions governing the use of reproductions provided by the Historical Society of Long Beach will be specified in a written contractual Rights and Reproduction Agreement. Rights granted by HSLB are valid only upon HSLB’s receipt of the signed agreement and payment of the amount specified in the agreement. Any subsequent use or change in use constitutes reuse and must be applied for to the Historical Society of Long Beach, and appropriate fees paid. Photographic materials ordered for Personal or Research/Study purposes may not be reproduced in any media. Permission is limited to the applicant and is non-transferable. The HSLB retains copyright to its photographic material.

The Historical Society of Long Beach reserves the right to charge additional fees depending upon variables such as usage, production quantity, market, and consumer [commercial/non-profit vs personal]. For digital, custom sizes, and other uses, please contact our Program Coordinator. All fees are subject to change.