Murderous Intent?


Murderous Intent?:  Long Beach, CA, 1880's to 1920

by Claudine Burnett

Claudine Burnett has now written another book sure to be savored by those interested in Southern California history. Concentrating on a span of years covering the 1880's to 1920, Ms. Burnett has uncovered fascinating true stories of death and murder. Read about: – The bandit Sylvestro Morales who robbed and murdered his way through the Southland in 1889 and his capture at the Rancho Los Alamitos.- Violence and death amoung the Basque and Mexican sheepherders and sugar beet workers of Southern California.- Long Beach City Trustees hung in effigy and how their attempt to get rid of a local saloon in 1896 brought about the death of the city.- How the murder of a Long Beach policeman in 1912 led to additional tragedy and sorrow but also brought about the adoption of modern criminal investigation.- The kidnapping and torture of a Long Beah youth in 1916 by notorious, insane murderer Harry Thaw, whose killing of famed archtiect Stanford White made headlines around the world.Learn the origin of:- The towns of Long Beach and Los Alamitos- The Pacific Electric “Red Car” and jitney transport systems.- The Long Beach Municipal Band and Long Beach Police Department.Meet:- Lew-is the Light who believed he had a special delivery service to God.- “Whistling” Davis who refused to bury his dead daughter.- Cantankerous “Old Man” Ranous, killed and buried in a pile of manure.- W.L. Jennings, killed by a cat.- The spirits of murder victims who refused to rest.- Pete Labourdette, a notorious Los Alamitos saloon keeper, and the murders he worked to cover up.These are but a few examples from a book you won't want to put down until the very end.

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non-fiction, softcover, 163 pages

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