Haunted Long Beach 2


Haunted Long Beach 2:  The odd and unusual in and around Long Beach, California

by Claudine Burnett

Claudine Burnett, author of popular Murderous Intent and Strange Sea Tales, has at last revised and updated the long out of print Haunted Long Beach. New stories and updates have come her way since the original Haunted Long Beach was published in 1996. Now readers can rediscover the “ghostly” side of one of America’s finest cities — haunted houses, phantom airplanes, cemetery apparitions, and ghosts of the Queen Mary come alive in these true stories of eerie happenings in Long Beach, California. Gathered from historical files and personal experiences, Ms. Burnett has researched these stories extensively to try to find historical evidence as to their cause. All in all, these ghostly tales are sure to entertain both visitors and residents alike.

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non-fiction, softcover, 200 pages

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